TIF, TIFF Viewer with Drive
This TIFF Viewer allows you to view multi-single page TIFF files, and various image files.
This app will open TIFF files, either single or multi-page and display them in an easily viewable JPEG format. You can open TIFF files from Google Drive directly. It supports a wide range of image format and compressions.
This app has the option to navigate pages or jump to the beginning or the end of the document. You can also save separate images to your computer.
Provides connect with Google Drive. Supports Chrome, IE10+, Firefox, Edge...
Supported formats: tif, tiff, jp2, jpf, jpx, pcx, tga, xcf, psd, pcd, cdr, odg, vsd, wmf, wpg, pict, sfw, fpx, eps, pcl, pct, fig
*What is a TIFF format?
TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is a widely supported open file specification, originally developed by Aldus (acquired by Adobe). It is a raster-based format commonly used for images that come from optical scanners, graphics/photo editing applications, etc.
TIFF files can span multiple pages, contain a number of different raster format "encodings" (ways to represent pixels dots with compression) and contain metadata tags, such as the origin of the images and creation date.

Support the cache feature using Google Drive's Application Data folder. You can view the TIFF image quickly without re-converting later.
Open the Application Data folder for caching

Other Supported image formats: 3fr, ai, aai, art, arw, avs, bpg, bmp, bmp2, bmp3, cals, cin, cmyk, cmyka, cr2, crw, cur, cut, dcr, dcx, dds, dib, dng, dpx, djvu, epi, epsf, epsi, ept, erf, exr, fax, fits, gif, gray, hdr, hrz, ico, inline, jbig, jng, jxr, k25, kdc, mat, miff, mono, mng, mpc, mrw, mtv, mvg, nef, nrw, orf, otb, otf, p7, palm, pbm, pcds, pdb, pef, pes, pfa, pfb, pfm, pgm, picon, pix, png, png8, png00, png24, png32, png48, png64, pnm, ppm, psb, ptif, pwp, raf, rgb, rgba, rfg, rla, rle, sct, sgi, sr2, srf, sun, svg, tim, ttf, uyvy, vicar, viff, wbmp, wdp, webp, x, xbm, xpm, xwd, x3f, ycbcr, ycbcra, yuv

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