Personal Computer Emulator
This app is an online PC emulator of Mac II, Mac Plus for 1980s~1990s.
Open a disk image file (DSK) from your computer, URL or from Google Drive, and Run programs or Play the game directly in your browser. Provides connect with Google Drive. You can open a disk image file from Google Drive directly.
You can open a DSK file or multiple DSK files at a time, and You can save the modified DSK file in the emulator to your computer again. You can read this disk image again later.
Supported DISK formats: DSK, Zipped DSK file(zip). You can load up to 5 disk image files at a time.
Max file size: 80M, URL: 30M, Supports only the latest browsers.
Use your boot disk, Do not load the default boot disk
Width Height Vol
It's recommended that you eject the disk from the emulator before saving to your computer. Otherwise, there may be errors in the stored data.
Check the "Use your boot disk.." option above to load your own system boot disk. You can not use two boot disks together.
If the disk fails to load at boot time, try reloading it by clicking "Refresh" button above.
To use Mac key, use the "Alt" key on the keyboard. ex) MacKey+C -> Alt+C, MacKey+V -> Alt+V
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